Orchid Valley Pet Co.

Raising the standard of aftercare

An enchanting signature collection of ‘forever bed’ white cadaver bags, comforting bereavement gifts & commemorative items.

Our Collection

Everlasting Memorial Seed Card

Beautifully packaged Australian Everlasting seeds, to grow into a flower garden as a dedicated pet memorial.

Keepsake Box

Designed for gifting to bereaved clients to contain their pet’s commemorative items and bereavement gifts. Alternatively, this elegant box may be used for the return of ashes, or as a casket for small animals and their subsequent natural burial or cremation.

'Forever bed' pet cadaver bag

Provide treasured pets with the respectful and dignified passing they deserve. Suitable for natural burial or cremation.

Memorial Candle

A lovely vanilla scented soy wax pet memorial candle, presented in a delightfully rustic small tin with lid, designed to be gifted to clients following the loss of a pet.

Raising the Standard of Aftercare

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In loving memory of Taze

"Beautiful memories treasured forever, of the special times we shared together. Faithful companion until the end, rest in peace - farewell my friend."

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