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Forever Bed Animal Cadaver Bag

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Carton

Orchid Valley’s iconic Forever Bed animal cadaver bags are suitable for natural burial or cremation and are perfect for transportation and viewings.

Thoughtfully developed to be eco-friendly, our body bags are biodegradable, chlorine free, and contain no metal parts.

Made from tasteful quality white PEVA, our Forever Bed animal cadaver bags are cold crack resistant, non-transparent and have sturdy heat-sealed seams making them fully leak proof. All sizes (except extra-small) also have a soft absorbent interior lining for peace of mind.

Forever Beds are available in 5 sizes from extra-small pocket pets to our extra-large, with 110kg carrying capacity. Medium, Large and Extra-Large Forever Beds have eco-friendly natural hemp carry handles to safely manage larger weights.

Respectful to clients, more pleasant for staff, and priced to be used as a consumable item, Orchid Valley’s Forever Beds are the most dignified animal body bags on the market.

The specifically designed “C” shaped zip has been extended around one corner to enable a sleeping bag style opening, allowing the animal’s head to remain uncovered if desired.

Each bag features a clear document sleeve to display the pet’s name, or client details, or a note or drawing from the family.

Created by Orchid Valley to help veterinary hospitals and crematoriums enhance their professional image by continuing to demonstrate compassionate care to their most unfortunate clients when all else has failed.

Perfectly paired with our Everlasting Seed Card, Memorial Candle and Keepsake Box to raise the standard of aftercare.

Sizes available:

35x25cm/pocket pet (20 per box)

65cm x 45cm/50kg capacity (20 per carton)

80cm x 55cm/80kg capacity (20 per carton)

110cm x 80cm/100kg capacity (10 per carton)

140cm x 95cm/110kg capacity (10 per carton)

What is PEVA?

Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate is a PVC-free, non-chlorinated material that is odorless and biodegradable. It has been specifically developed to be a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to toxic PVC.

Our PEVA provides strength and ensures a quality feel, not like other cheap plastic bag products. It is cold crack resistant and can be safely stored in a refrigerator or freezer.

X-Small to Large Forever Beds are made from 200 micron PEVA. X-Large is made from 300 micron PEVA for extra strength.

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