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Memorial Candle (Carton of 20)

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Carton (20 candles)

A lovely vanilla scented soy wax pet Memorial Candle, presented in a delightfully rustic small tin wrapped in eco-friendly natural fibers.

The tin measures 6cm x 4cm and has the words “in loving memory” printed within an elegant wreath design on the lid.

A convenient, cost effective and comforting token gift following the loss of a pet.

The Pet Memorial Candle is an ideal accompaniment to other products from the Orchid Valley collection, such as the Keepsake Box and Everlasting Memorial Seed Card.

Created by Orchid Valley to help veterinary hospitals enhance their professional image by continuing to demonstrate compassionate care to their most unfortunate clients when all else has failed. This product is equally suitable for pet cremation services to offer as an economical, yet stylish token gift.

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